Video Game Tweets & Joe Montana

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Earlier this week, video game fansite PWN or Die posted ten of their own “video game tweets” based on our own Historical Tweets photoshop template.  A big media conglomerate would be upset that they used our stuff, but we enjoyed it and hope it rang true for their audience.  Tweet on!

Following in their footsteps, we thought of our own Video Game Tweet, from NES’ 1991 football game Tecmo Super Bowl, between San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana and Jerry Rice:

@JerryRice Stop running your route.  Just go deep and we can score all day long.

And here’s one of our favorites from their Video Game Tweets, from the NES game Contra:

@EZ2LuvScorpion I know its HARD, lol. This should help :) up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. xoxo M

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Posted by: Twitter Historian on February 6th 2009

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