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Historical Tweet of the Year

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As another historic decade is about to pass, and we’d like to honor our most popular Historical Tweet of the Year, chosen from the tweets posted in 2009.

There were a lot of good ones from the past 12 months, but one shone above and beyond as your favorite: Alexander the Tweet.

And, yes, we’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks, but we’re gearing up for a great 2010, especially leading up to April, when the Historical Tweets book hits shelves around the United States (we just finished the book and sent to our editor last week — it features 144 pages of mostly new material!).

Thanks for your support over the past year. ┬áIt’s been historic.

– Alec & Alan

Alexander the Tweet: 2009 Historical Tweet of the Year


Twitter Historian on December 31st 2009 in Updates

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