You Decide: IS Lincoln’s Tweet Funny or Offensive?

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Lincoln: Funny or Offensive?

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Abraham Lincoln (@honest_abe): gr8 show tonite. the Ford is the perfect venue for AAAAARRGH!!

PAGE 69 from the forthcoming book: Historical Tweets: The Completely Unabridged and Ridiculously Brief History of the World

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Posted by: Twitter Historian on April 26th 2010

Posted in: 1800s, The Book

One Response to “You Decide: IS Lincoln’s Tweet Funny or Offensive?”

  1. Jon responded on 26 Apr 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Neither, really. Nobody, famous, dead, living, or dying, would tweet AAARGH. That’s just dumb. Nor would they carve it in cave rocks, but that’s another matter entirely.

    As Booth was one of the actors in the show, it would have been funnier if Lincoln was giddily hoping to meet the performers.

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