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Are Osama’s Twitter Updates Protected?

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It’s 2003.  You’re the most wanted man in the world.  The United States military is hot on your trail.  You’re living deep in a maze of caves without ready access to the outside world.

What’s the first thing you do?

Well, Osama Bin Laden got himself a Blackberry and Twittered his BFF Saddam Hussein, who was in a funk because his country got overrun.

Special thanks to Twitter-Historian Brent Schmidt, who uncovered this tweet from recent history!  Create your own using our HT Photoshop template!

Osama Bin Laden Twittering!

@Saddam You’ll get through this and back in power before you know it.  Just hang in there.


Twitter Historian on January 7th 2009 in 21st Century, Submitted

Al Gore Tweets Reaction to Election Loss

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@Everyone_in_Florida Are you kidding me?


Twitter Historian on November 4th 2008 in 21st Century

Jose Canseco-Barry Bonds Connection Exposed on Twitter

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@barrybonds congrats on 756- you earned it! [wink]

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Twitter Historian on October 21st 2008 in 21st Century, Sports

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