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@EddieIzzard Enjoys Historical Tweets

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It’s no secret that the stand-up comedy of British comic Eddie Izzard has provided inspiration for many Historical Tweets.

Historical Tweets contributor Sean Tucker submitted our Noah & the Ark tweet (a conversation with @2Ducks) to Eddie’s web site, and it was chosen as the #2 most popular fan art from September 2009.

We hear that Eddie chooses these awards himself.  If that’s the case… Wow.  We’re honored.

View, vote, & comment on “Noah and the 2 Ducks” in the Eddie Izzard Fan Gallery

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Twitter Historian on October 18th 2009 in Updates

Historical Tweets Book Coming in 2010

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htlibraryHear ye, hear ye…

For over a year, we’ve said that books have been ruining history, but today we’re happy to announce that we’re the exception to that rule.

We just signed a deal with Villard (part of the Random House Publishing Group), the publisher behind every great book in history.

Come April 2010, you’ll be able to find Historical Tweets at your local bookseller… so, you should probably start the line now.  We’re not kidding.  It’s going to be big.  Really big.  Bigger than Harry Potter and Twilight combined.

Thank you for your support, your pos-mens, and your retweeting.  You’ve made us very happy historians.

Finally, a big historical salute to our agent Kate McKean at Howard Morhaim for representing us.  You’re a champ.

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Twitter Historian on October 15th 2009 in Updates

You’re History: Historical Tweets is One Year Old

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Historical Tweets turned 1 this week.

What started out as a fan-boy response to Mad Men characters Twittering in mid-2008 has turned into a real web site with regular readers and contributors.  We’re so honored for the attention Historical Tweets has received.  Thank you, faithful Twitterstorians.

In honor of making history with Historical Tweets, here’s one from us, HT-co-founders/writers/historians Alec McNayr and Alan Beard:

Thanks again for your support.  If you haven’t seen them, check out the Tweets that started it all…

One small pitch, for all those trying to figure out the how their corporate marketing can benefit from online media.  Corporate social media is our specialty.  Historical Tweets went from zero to 4.5 million page views in one year… and we do this for clients, too.  If you’re interested in hearing more about the Historical Tweets story, or us as creators, send us an email. We’ll reply, and a conversation will ensue.  We promise, it will be historically entertaining.

Remember kids, those that don’t understand history are doomed to retweet it….

Alec & Alan


Twitter Historian on October 10th 2009 in Updates

10 Historical Tweets You Might Have Missed

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Thanks to CNN and Digg, there are a lot of people visiting Historical Tweets for the first time.

Aside from viewing Historical Tweets at random, or just looking at the most popular of all time (to the right), here are 10 of our favorites you might have missed.

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Historical Tweets The Book


Twitter Historian on July 4th 2009 in Updates

Top 10 Historical Tweets

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Sure, it’s been a few months since we’ve graced your psyche with a mind-blowing Historical Tweet, but what are a few months in the sands of time?

While you wait for our twitterstorical research to generate new findings, we present you with the Top 10 Most Popular Historical Tweets (so far):

  1. Alexander the Tweet
  2. Lincoln Twittering at the Ford
  3. Lincoln Asks Twitter Followers for Speechwriting Help
  4. A Young Adolph Hitler Twitters Away
  5. Thomas Edison Twitters Inspirational Moment
  6. The Gutenberg Tweet
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. Twittering
  8. More German Food: Speeches from JFK’s Twitter Feed
  9. Henry Ford’s Model T-witter
  10. A Real, Old-School Flame War Begins on Twitter

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks to all the twitterstorians for voting and re-tweeting!


Twitter Historian on June 3rd 2009 in Updates

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