Historical Tweets, UK Edition

Historical TweetsBrand new for 2011, a special edition Historical Tweets for our friends “across the pond.”

The U.K. edition builds on the same great humor that fans around the world have loved, but includes a slew of brand new tweets, specifically written to tickle the British funny bone.

Over 80 brand new tweets, as well as the best of this oft-quoted blog.

From Churchill to the Spice Girls, the UN to the Euro, no one is safe when the magnifying glass of history is focused on their Twitterstream.

Perfect for history buffs, Twitter fans and everyone in the center of that Venn diagram… the book is available in stores and online at Amazon.co.uk, so what the bloody ‘ell are you waiting for? (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.)


  • 130 full-color pages
  • 50 of the best tweets from the blog
  • Over 80 brand new, never before-seen tweets
  • All new “tweet stacks,” tag clouds, and hate tweets.
  • The perfect gift for a history buff, new grad, or anyone who hates long books about the past.



THEY TWEETED WHAAAATTT? History’s most famous personalities share their ridiculous, scandalous, and humorous thoughts.

From the ancient tweets of @Plato and @Cleopatra to modern updates from @Napoleon, @Hitler, and @LadyDi, Historical Tweets has all the answers to history’s biggest questions: What happened to the dragons? What does “four score” mean? WWJT?

For those who can handle only 140 characters’ worth of history at a time (and don’t mind breaking their history teachers’ hearts), this is the perfect book.

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