Okay, we’ll admit it.  People like us. They like us a lot.

And unlike most scholars, we don’t shrug off the praise.  We save every clipping, every mention, and every semi-positive tweet…  so that, one day, perhaps we’ll be worthy of our own historical tweet.

Fast Company Time Magazine CNN
Will Tweet for Book Deal
“Twitter was also [agent Kate McKean’s] vehicle for signing Alan Beard and Alec McNayr. Their book, Historical Tweets, is due from Villard in April 2010.”
What if Lincoln
Had Used Twitter?

“You CAN make fun of [historical figures] without fear of accidentally offending someone. This is the brilliance of Historical Tweets.”
10 Humor Sites
Sure to Make You LOL

“Who needs high school when history can be explained in 140 characters?”
Telegraph UK METRO UK download squad
“Snappy thoughts of famous people at key moments in the past, rather than the standard Twitter fare of trivia from web users’ humdrum lives.” “LOLworthy site imagining how historical figures would have come across if they’d been limited to
140 characters.”
“This site has earned a distinguished spot in my feed reader so I’m able to keep up with the tweets I missed from back in the day.”
Houston Chronicle Huffington Post
“A brilliant idea…
hats off to Beard and McNayr”
Richard Nixon, George Washington,
Al Gore, Truman, JFK, & More:
Top 7 Presidential Tweets
History Never Retweets
#1 Game on
Huffington Post The Washington Post The Frisky
Gandhi’s Diet & More:
Top 7 Dreams That Went Awry
Great Tweets From Days of Yore… What Famous People Throughout History Might Have Tweeted
The Washington Post Huffington Post
“It’s funny… Historical Tweets plays off of fictional ramblings of important dead people.” History’s Hotties:
Top 7 ‘Historical Tweets’ From Women

The Next Web Switched examiner Times of India
“Hilariously mischievous.” “Hilarious timestamps, Twitter handles, and avatars.” “An exceedingly clever look at history.” “In bad taste.”

Other Publications

The Manilla Times half-raved: “fictional and mostly comical Twitter posts.”

American Libraries Magazine (yes, an actual magazine, people) referenced “amusing” as a way to describe us.

Presse Citron called us “la meilleure idée depuis Twitter.”

Twitter Dings said: Historical Tweets ist eine phantastische Idee. Personen der Geschichte werden mit hypothetischen Tweets abgebildet.

Buzz Feed gave us the thumbs up.

Phillyist thought we were funny enough to mention, but not funny enough to refrain from insulting.

Beatles News punned: What is tweet now, turns so sour.  Clever!

Joe Tech called us “a great idea.”

IT Draft said this in French: HistoricalTweets, c’est un blog hilarant qui nous propose de revisiter l’histoire en mode Twitter.

RegioBlogs liked our John Lennon find!

Bag of Nothing had time to kill.

The Book Case blog mentioned our forthcoming book!

The Jewish Journal reported, ironically, “What Would Jesus Tweet?”

Mahalo made us a special page.

The Somewhat Ambitious said, “there are a number in there that really butter my muffin.”

The Daily SEO Tip blog said we were a good tactic for “building Twitter Maddness” (typo theirs).

Rex Dixon said we were a “funny site with promise.”

Ventanazul said we were the #1 Funny Web site to waste your time.

Life Feeds

Ashton Kutcher said: LMAO!

Robert Scoble said: LOL!

Steve Rubel liked us on his Friend Feed.

People are Digging us by the dozens.

Damien Van Achter said: Excellent!

Lisa Mac said: Best 10 minutes I’ve spent on the web in ages.

A bunch of people on think we’re awesome!

Myriam enjoyed our site!

aOaaie updates us on her little humor-induced incontinence problem.

Jonathan Cliff enjoyed our Q&As.

Ian Applegate thought we were so funny, he said it twice.

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